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VideoFest on a rainy day.

As you can see from the previous picture today is quite a rainy day in Osaka. I decided to take the opportunity of such a bad day to grab a coffee, sit down, open my laptop and to connect my phone, to start downloading and publishing in the breaksian youtube channel some of the videos I have been taking during my Japanese trip.

I wanted to share those videos in this post, adding a couple of comments next to them.

Electring Run in the Osaka Castle Park

Yesterday I visited the Osaka Castle and on my way back to the train station I stumbled upon this "Electric Run". I was walking near the street and suddenly I saw the colorful lights from the distance and I heard the thumping bass, so I decided to get closer and I shot this video of the lights on the trees and a couple of runners passing by with their blinking outfits. In my opinion the music fit perfectly in the "electric" atmosphere. Really cool!

Monks walking in Nara near the five Story Pagoda

A couple of days ago I went to visit Nara. Amazing city with plenty of temples, deers and walking trails. One of favorite spots in Nara was the five story pagoda. I went there in the morning and took some pictures, but unfortunately the backlight was quite strong. I went back in the afternoon just before the sunset and the light was perfect to take pictures.

I also shot this video of the Kōfuku-ji temple and the five story pagoda while some monks were passing by. Click in the next hyperlink if you are curious and want to see more Nara pictures.

and I shot a video there while some monks were walking by.

Sunny day in Enoshima Island

I was lucky with the weather while visiting the Enoshima, a small offshore island very close to Kamakura. This was a perfect day trip from Tokyo to sea a beautiful spot on the sea side. The Island is quite small so it's possible to walk anywhere and it has a nice observatory on top of the hill where I shot this video facing the ocean.

Tokyo Sky Tree tower

I was grabbing a coffee in a vending machine near the Tokyo Sky Tree and I made this short video to show the height of this tower. This is the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. As a random fact, the music they were playing in the loudspeaker is called "ça ira" from a french singer called Joyce Jonathan.

I also shot another video while I was visiting the tower where you can see the Sumida river and the bridges crossing it:

Tokyo view from the north observatory

The last video I want to share with you today was the one I shot my first day in Tokyo, visiting the Metropolitan Government Building North Observatory.