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Jonker Walk Night Market

Today I travelled from Singapore to Malacca using a coach service. One of the first recommendations from my host in the guesthouse where I'm staying was to visit the Jonker walk night market. She told me they close the motor traffic on the Jonker street so it becomes an open market with buzzing crowds and a variety stalls offering antiques, crafts, clothing and food of all kinds.


In the afternoon I passed by the street but I didn't recognize it because its current name is different (Jalan Hang Jebat) and it was relatively quiet at that time. When I crossed the street again during the evening I couldn't miss it:


There was some tasty food as you can see from the gallery below, but I want to highlight is the "The coconut master": I observed at the main entrance there were many people around a stall selling coconuts and there was even some clapping once in a while, so that caught my attention. When I came closer I found out that they were staring at a skillful vendor who was hacking and peeling a coconut in such a way so he could get the whole coconut in one piece! I have never seen something like that.  I couldn't resist to record a video and show the guy in action:

And afterwards I bought one of those coconuts. Here is the yummy result of his work that I enjoyed very much:


That was an amazing desert!.


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