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Laundry kit completed



In the picture above you can see the laundry kit I will be using during my Asian trip. It contains 2 elements:

  • A Scrubba wash bag.
  • An elastic line to hang the clothes either with a hook or a sucker.

I have to confess I was not thinking about this topic when I was preparing my trip, but a couple of months ago my brother asked me if I could give him my address because he wanted to give me a birthday gift in advance. I was really curious so when the package finally arrived here, it turned out to be a plastic bag with some scrub surface to wash clothes on the go called Scrubba. I thought it was a brilliant idea!. I was checking on youtube a couple of videos about how it should be used such as:

On the other hand last week I met a friend in Dublin and while I was discussing with her my travel preparation, she told me a friend of hers bought a portable clothes hanger line to use outdoors, so the day before I flew back to Switzerland I passed by a travel store and I got a handy elastic line for a couple of euros to complete my laundry kit.

My girlfriend is skeptic about the usefulness of this washing solution but I feel confident it is going to do the job. I hope I will save time and money. I will definitely update this post once I give it the first test drive.