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Seoul - What to see?

A couple of nights ago I was chatting with my roommate, a French guy who arrived some days before. It was nice to practice the language because I haven't spoke it in ages. He told me he had only had seen so far, the olympic stadium and a small park he couldn't remember its name.

I discussed him how I had been taking the subway everywhere moving from one part to the other in the city and then he asked me what would I recommend the most based on the different spots that I had visited so far.

I described the different places I visited during the last couple of weeks, mentioning what I liked about it. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to summarize the conversation I had with him, adding the pictures I took when I went to those places. I won't include the Korean War Memorial, the DMZ Zone and the Children Grand Park , that are definitively a must, but I already blogged about them.

Yesterday was my last day in Seoul. I came by bus to Gyeongju, so I was thinking this would be a nice post to wrap-up my stay at the Korean capital:


This is a royal palace located in northern part of Seoul. It was the main and biggest palace built by the Joseon Dynasty and even if it was destroyed by the Japanese, it has been restored to its original glory.
Cost 3000 KRW
  • You can get there using the subway. Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3)
  • A  really good plan is to walk around and see all the gardens and small palaces of the complex.
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Cheonggye Stream

This is a long public recreation and green walking space in the middle of downtown Seoul. In the past the stream was used by the residents to wash their clothes, then it was full of slums and finally it was covered by a highway. Nowadays it's beautiful green space in the middle of the city.
Cost Free
  • You can get there using the subway. City Hall Station (Line 1 and 2)
  • Bring comfortable shoes because you could walk a lot if you want to.
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N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower

This tower and park offers the best panoramic view of the city and in a sunny day, it's a paradise for the picture taking. The park surrounding the tower is beautiful and on top there are places to eat. It's interesting this place is completely packed of "love" locks hanging around.
Cost 9000 KRW
  • You can get there using the subway. Line 3 or 4, Chungmuro stn or line 3 Dongguk University
  • It's possible to walk all the way up. It's clearly marked and it's not very steep.
  • Stop in the "photoshoot" platform, to get some nice panoramic pictures of the city.
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