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Currency converter web app update

Last year in one of my earlier posts, I discussed how I had been working on a project to create a small web app to perform currency conversion using an html5 offline web application. I thought I was going to use this tool frequently during my trip in Asia and this turned out to be the case. I'm really happy I have this app with me.

Nevertheless one of the issues I noticed during the daily usage of this web app was the responsiveness loading the new FX data. Sometimes the "loading" screen was hanging there for several seconds, disabling the application in the meantime.

Therefore I changed the logic of the application and now instead of having to wait until the data is loaded, it can use the last FXC data recorded and an unobstructive icon in the question mark button will indicate that new data is being loaded on the background.

You can always click the question mark button to check when was the last time the application data was updated.

Finally if you want to use this application you can point your browser to:

or if you own an android device, you can install the app from here (please note you need to enable temporarily the install from unknown sources in Settings => Security):

Android FXC App apk

I have been testing it during the last 2 days and I believe it works better. Please let me know if you have any suggestion.

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